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Holi Festival Utah

The holi festival in Utah is the perfect place to use Hippie Powder™. Remember that hippie powder is the only USA made and 100% safe powder on the market. At all other holi fest parties they use holi powder from India that is unsafe and contains many toxins that should never be breathed in. So we suggest buying colored cornstarch powder online from HippiePowder.com because it is safer and way cheaper than what you will pay at any holi festival. They charge an arm and a leg for their powder! So prepare first and pre-buy your powder.

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Wholesale Glitter Powder

We now have wholesale glitter powder. You might have heard of the website that ships glitter to your enemies for $9.99 for an envelope. Well, we do it for much cheaper! You can get a few bags of our glitter powder for that amount of money. While ours is used for holi festivals and color runs, you could use it to punk someone as well. It is a spin on our holi color powder that is used to be thrown in the air. It’s also a great prop for photographers that adds some great color to pictures.

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Only at HippiePowder.com


Wholesale Holi Powder

You can buy wholesale holi powder online at HippiePowder.com where you know it is safe and was made by Americans. Beware of Indian made product that contains harch chemicals and is made by slave labor. Hippie Powder is the only holi color powder used for throwing at Holi festival of colors and paint races that is FDA approved.

wholesale holi powderwholesale color powder

The leading Holi Pow der in the world is Hippie Powder™. Their proprietary blend of premium colored cornstarch used for throwing is the best in the world and the only one good enough to be used in color runs as big as Color Me Rad.

*This stuff is not colored chalk as many people refer to it, nor is it “paint” It is simply corn starch and colored dye.

**We strongly suggest that you don’t use or participate in any event that uses gulal powder made anywhere except in the United States by food scientists like the team at Hippie Powder.

Holi Powder

If you are planning on doing a color run like color me rad or any of the many others than you should be well of aware where their holi powder comes from. Is it made in India where it molds easily and is not made from food grade ingredients? India has low prices on their gulal powder because they have kids making it to drive the cost down. If you believe in not forcing children to work, you need to demand that any race or holi festival that you participate in only uses color powder made in the USA like Hippie Powder™. HippiePowder.com has the safest colored powder in the world and is made in Utah. Visit their site for more info.

10 pack of 1 pound holi color bags:

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